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This is a website where you can find out about dyslexia and related learning issues.

Learning is an adventure!

We may start out on the journey fully equipped with a kit bag and high hopes. There may be times when we find the journey difficult. We come across steep rocky areas which are tricky to climb, or areas which present difficult challenges which we have not previously encountered. They become barriers to our getting where we want to.

What causes learning barriers?

Differences in learning and teaching styles

Specific learning difficulties

Lack of understanding about aims

Environmental factors

Low Self esteem

Limiting self beliefs

Overcoming these barriers to learning will enable us to achieve our goals.

Learners and teachers working together will enable students to build on what we already know about learning and personal growth. We can develop tools which work towards releasing potential and achieving goals and dreams. 

We can develop new tools to add to our kitbag, these will be:

New strategies - such as concept mapping, teaching and learning with multisensory methods

New methods - such as accelerated learning techniques

New mind sets which say "Yes" to learning

New ways of thinking about ourselves - ways to raise self esteem and self confidence

This website contains some information about dyslexia, study skills, handwriting and other resources and links which may be useful in unlocking the potential of learners.

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