CAMEL Study Skills

by Julie Bennett

This book is designed for students, to make study, revision and exam preparation easier. CAMEL Study Skills introduces the CAMEL technique which stands for: Creative Active Multisensory Effective Learning.

CAMEL Study Skills aims to inspire teachers and students to apply CAMEL techniques to their own learning and revision.

We all have different ways of approaching learning. Some of us have difficulties with aspects like organisation or planning in exams, others find it difficult to remember and recall the information. This book shows you how to do all of these things and more, in a creative way that will help you remember. The methods in the book are suitable to assist all students in making learning easier and is designed to be dyslexia inclusive so that those of so that those of us with dyslexia will be able to access the information with ease.

What are people saying about the Camel Study Skills Book?

“This book is all a student will need to get started on the study skills. Using carefully constructed acronyms, the

author leads the reader on a journey discovering learning about learning like no other. She talks directly to you, explaining the process carefully in an extremely readable style. There are fun illustrations... activities are present in each section. The book employs visualisation, association, imagination and all the key techniques associated with study skills. On a wider scale, a whole school strategy to study skills using the CAMEL approach would mean that many more students will benefit. It is a dynamic method to finding out the best ways in which you learn...for life. Highly recommended.” Roger Lewis

SpLD ( Dyslexia) Base Team Leader,

Francis Combe School and Community College,

Watford, Herts

“What an inventive, approachable method! This book with its humorous cartoons, provides a positive framework for student and teacher alike.”


Margaret Bone Primary Teacher and Parent

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