Dyslexia Pocketbook

by Julie Bennett

My Dyslexia Pocketbook offers practical tips and techniques for helping to release the potential of dyslexic learners. It will be useful for Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Mentors and Parents. Many adult dyslexics have also told me they have found the book to be useful.

What are people saying about the Dyslexia Pocketbook?

"This is a useful and accessible way into a hugely documented subject"

Gerald Hugh

Times Educational Supplement

"Rarely does one small book hold such a treasure of useful information and teaching tips while remaining simple and practical to use."

Vanessa Charter

Up and Up Training

"The concise and clear format makes it very easy to read and locate key information I think many teachers will fnd it a very helpful resource; I will be incorporating some ideas from the book in my teaching."

Gill Bradnam

Former Deputy Head at St Catherine's Prep School

"It is rare to find a book so easily readable that not only gives teachers a chance to understand learning from a dyslexic's point of view but also provides practical tips and strategies. As a SENCO, class teacher and dyslexic I found this book refreshingly practical and positive."

Eve Lear

Former SENCO atTwo Gates Community School

This book does exactly what it says on the cover, providing practical strategies to unlock learning potential. All strategies are underpinned by the importance of developing self esteem and emotional intelligence - this is a particluar strength of the book. Also learning styles and preferences are covered in effective and doable ways. All in all a very easy to read "pocketful of tips".

Neil MacKay

Originator of the 'Dyslexia Friendly Schools' concept

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