Dyslexia and learning...

Dyslexia is a learning difference. It is a difference in the way language information is processed. People with dyslexia have a profile of strengths and weaknesses. Dyslexia is not necessarily a bar to success. There are many people who are dyslexic and have achieved their dreams.

There are some very successful and famous dyslexics such as:

Zoe Wannamaker

Jackie Stewart

Will Smith

Eddie Izzard

To name only a few......

Many dyslexic learners feel as though, on the inside, they are locked up. It is as if there is some part of them trying to get free. They say things such as:

"I feel like a bird trapped in a cage!"

"My brain is locked!"

We need to find a key to unlock their full potential.

It is as if there are a series of locked doors barring the way which need to be unlocked before their true potential can be released from prison.

As educators, parents, mentors and managers we can implement ways to help the dyslexic learner discover the key to each of these doors.

We can do this in three main areas by enabling dyslexic learners to:

   1. Reframe their experience of dyslexia

   2. Become strategic learners

   3. Develop their emotional intelligence

When they become empowered to overcome thier difficulties and discover creative ways to learn they find new keys to unlock and release their true potential.

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