Handwriting Pocketbook

by Julie Bennett

My Handwriting Pocketbook is for those teaching novice writers, older children or adults. It offers ways of teaching, improving and troubleshooting handwriting.

I start with the basics - seating, posture, paper and writing implements, then fix handwriting goalposts with a handwriting checklist. I have included my multi-sensory 'Key Notes' method, specific chapters on teaching beginner writers, improving handwriting and solving handwriting problems (e.g: for left-handers or those with dysgraphia or arthritis) and a resource section referring readers to schemes, aids, software, websites and books.

What people are saying about the Handwriting Pocketbook:

“This is a great little book for the busy teacher... All in all, this is a book that I expect to use time and time again and I recommend it as a handy pocket guide”

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